AirX Products


Odor Control in 3 Dimensions.

Enjoy the smell of nothing at all!

Sometimes even the most extensive cleaning will  never eliminate the foul and unpleasant odor you often find in restrooms and garbage areas. AirX Laboratories has been the choice for proffessionals for their solutions to disinfection and total odor control for over 30 years.

Our non-chemical solutions encapsulate and digest the foul odor molecules and leave your environment absolutely odorless.

AirX Odor Control eliminates odor problems in a wide range of situations and environments, including restrooms, garbage areas, hospitals, food fabrication areas, hotel rooms, gyms etc.

All in an environmentally safe and non-chemical way.

No matter what type of foul odor you smell, we offer an AIRX solution to eliminate it.


AirX - 66 Odor Control


RX 66 is a synergistic blend of specialized stains of live, but safe-to-use bacteria, bacteria chosen for their ability to produce enzymes that will digest organic matter that causes foul odors.


There are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria. The bad ones can cause sickness and disease while the good ones are instrumental in such things as fermentation of beer, curing of tobacco and processing of cheese. RX 66 contains only good bacteria, in this case designed to remove foul odors and stubborn stains by bio-enzymatic action. When these good bacteria in RX 66 come in contact with organic matter, they act like sponges to absorb it. Then enzymes produced by the bacteria liquefy and literally digest the matter as their food. In the process, nothing more is produced than harmless carbon dioxide, water and more enzymes


AirX - 17 Odor Control

RX17 Microcells . The simple solution to many odor problems. No cabinet just open the top and it is working. Adhesive allows for installation under sink or other out of the way area.

AIRX 100% ODOR COUNTERACTANT: A blend of Airicide and natural extracts from citrus fruit. Non-aerosol. Erases the most overwhelming of foul odors.